IHCANTABRIA makes a new contribution in the last OpenFOAM release

Due to the agreement between ESI (owner of OpenFOAM® trademark) and IHCantabria, a new set of boundary conditions for dynamic wave generation, developed by the Hydrodynamics and Coastal Infrastructure Group of IHCantabria, have been included in the latest official release, OpenFOAM-v1812.


Wave boundary conditions were first introduced in OpenFOAM with the release of OpenFOAM v1612 . This latest release extends the current capabilities by adding a new waveMaker condition that generates waves by moving the mesh, either using a piston-type wavemaker or flap-type wavemaker.

Several academic examples have been simulated to show the potential of the code by reproducing very severe conditions. Three dimensional effects can be observed during the interaction fluid-structure.


IHCantabria developments has passed along a thorough validation with existing or tailored designed laboratory tests. Validation results are published in peer reviewed journals. Visit our web page for further details.

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