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IHCantabria has participated in the 36th International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE)

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IHCantabria has participated in the 36th International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE) 2018 held in Baltimore (USA), from July 30th and August 3rd.

ICCE It is recognized as the more relevant international conference in the field by the scientific coastal engineering community. Its goal is to promote academic and technical exchange on coastal related studies covering a wide range of topics in including coastal waves, nearshore currents, coastal structures, sediment transport, coastal morphology, beach nourishment, natural hazards and coastal management.

IHCantabria researchers have presented their progress in 7 talks in the fields of wave climate, climate change, harbor operativity, wave and structure interaction, risk analysis in coastal and harbor areas, nature-based solutions, tsunami waves, breakwater stability and long wave modelling in beaches.

IHCantabria contributions can be downloaded from this link:

Iñigo J. Losada:

Paula Camus:

Cristina Izaguirre:

Maria Maza:

Javier L. Lara:

Iñigo Aniel-Quiroga:

Paula Gomes:

At the opening ceremony of the ICCE, Prof. Inigo J. Losada, Research director of IHCantabria and Full Professor at the Civil Engineering School in University of Cantabria, collected the John G. Moffat-Frank  E. Nichol Award of Ports and Coasts Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in its 2017 edition.

This distinction, granted since 1977 by the world's largest civil engineering society (more than 150,000 members in 177 countries), was established to recognize innovative ideas and concepts that have contributed to advanced design and construction in the Port and coast engineering. 

In the case of Professor Losada, ASCE highlights "his internationally recognized contributions to the profession, including his direct participation in the creation and leadership of a prestigious research center. The conceptualization and development of advanced numerical tools of practical application throughout the world and their contributions to the education and tutelage of the next generation of coastal and port engineers in the world. "

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