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IHCantabria will be present in 34th PIANC World Congress, 7-12 May.

Ship-waves are first generated by the moving vessel and then propagated towards the port basin, cannel and contours, and finally interacts with the berthing zones, breakwaters, and moored ships. A novel innovative numerical approach for ship-wave generation, propagation and interaction with inner harbor basins (agitation) has been developed. This new tool will help harbour managers to early assess and manage ship speeds, trajectories and possible impacts/ affections related with their downtime analysis. Gabriel Diaz’s presentation at PIANC World Congress is “Numerical ship-wave generation, propagation and agitation analysis, related with harbor downtime management”. Gabriel’s presentation will be held in Panama 3 Hall on May 8th from 1:30 to 3:00pm. 


One of IHCantabria expertise is the design of integrated early-warning system to support construction and manage the harbor infrastructures exposed at different construction stages. The system is designed as a flexible tool, with a user-friendly interface, to be relocatable in any location. It is oriented to obtain the short and mid-term (within 180-hour prediction) characteristics of met-ocean conditions (waves, water level and wind) at the harbor surroundings in the site, as well as, wave-structure interaction characteristics for any construction phase. Antonio Tomas’s presentation at PIANC World Congress is “Early warning system to support construction & management of port infrastructures: the case of TX-1 Açu Port construction”. Antonio’s presentation will be held in Panama 3 Hall on May 9th from 1:30 to 3:00pm.