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We are very proud to announce a new edition of the IH2VOF training course, this time in IHCantabria headquarters, in Santander, next May 21st.
IH2VOF is an extensively tested and validated 2DV RANS model which uses the VOF method. It can solve flow within porous media by means of the VARANS (Volume-Averaged RANS) equations. Wave generation including the most used theories is implemented for several procedures: Dirichlet boundary condition, moving boundary method (pyston-type wavemaker replication) or internal wave maker (mass source function). It features active and passive wave absorption. Passive wave absorption is defined by a dissipation zone, and was originally designed to work with the source function. Active wave absorption is a more recent advance, as it absorbs waves on the boundary (moving or not) without adding significant computational cost to the model.
The model can obtain the VOF function, velocity and pressure fields and turbulent magnitudes k and epsilon in any cell. The specific tools designed for post-processing can aid the designer of coastal structures to check the stability and functionality. This includes, but is not restricted to, run-up, overtopping, transmitted energy or evolution of the forces, moments or safety factor coefficient on a structure.
The source code will be provided within a training course, which will cover the usage of IH2VOF with a specially designed all-in-one GUI, guidelines for testing coastal structures, a great number of benchmark cases and post-processing tools.
During the training session, three case studies will be solved, analyzing stability and functionality in rubble-mound and vertical breakwaters.
You can find more details about IH2VOF and the course on its website:
Please be aware that the places are limited and the deadline for registration is May 14th. Discount rates are available for academic institutions. See details at IH2VOF website.