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IHCantabria will organize the short course "Principles of catchment-scale hydrological modelling"


figura-1IHCantabria (Spain) jointly with the University of Adelaide (Australia), EAWAG (Switzerland) and IRSTEA (France) are presenting a short course on catchment-scale hydrological modelling.
The following topics will be included:
    • Hydrological model development using mass balance and constitutive functions
    • Numerical methods for hydrological models
    • Bayesian methods for model calibration and prediction
    • Lumped and distributed hydrological models
    • Prediction in ungauged basins
    • Hypothesis-testing in catchment scale hydrology
    • 1-day field trip showcasing the hydrological characteristics of the Cantabrian region.
The course is suitable for researchers (PhD students, Masters students and postdocs).
  • Learn how to build a simple hydrological model (conceptual design and numerical implementation)
  • Learn how to calibrate the hydrological model using basic Bayesian methods
  • Learn how to estimate uncertainties in model parameters and predictions under basic assumptions
  • Understand the basic techniques for predicting streamflow in ungauged basins
  • Understand the value of field knowledge in environmental modelling (e.g. for the inference of dominant processes, diagnostic appraisal of model "realism") through the case of study of the hydrology and catchment descriptors of Cantabria and North of Spain
  • Preparatory material such as research articles and tutorials related to the workshop are available on request

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