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IHCANTABRIA makes a new contribution in the last OpenFOAM release


IHCantabria has participated in the last OpenFOAM® release (v1712) by OpenCFD ( incorporating a new model wave inlet condition based on stream function theory.With this last update, IHCantabria has contributed to create a very powerful wave generation boundary conditions set in OpenFOAM®, which is the one which contains the broader number of boundary conditions in literature. In addition, those boundary conditions can be linked with an active wave absorption module developed for shallow water waves also by IHCantabria, with avoid the use of relaxation zones and consequently the reduction of the computational cost.

In the last decade, IHCantabria has been working actively on the development of CFD tools to study the interaction of waves with marine structures, focusing the efforts on the implementation of new physics on OpenFOAM® platform to solve coastal engineering problems.Last September, IHCantabria presented an IHFOAM-GUI, freely distributed on the IHFOAM website (, containing IHFOAM developments during the last years and already included in release v1706. Additionally, other physics not included in v1706 and v1712 releases were incorporated in the GUI, such as porous media flow (fully validated, published in four papers) and vegetation fields, (fully validated, published in two papers). IHFOAM-GUI, designed within the Coastal Hydrodynamics and Infrastructures Group comprised by ten members, was developed with the aim of decreasing the learning curve in the use of OpenFOAM® and making more popular the use of the model in coastal and ocean engineering.

IHCantabria reached an agreement with ESI Group to include the IHFOAM developments in OpenFOAM® releases, which are presented every six months, becoming one of the OpenFOAM partners ( developments has passed along a thorough validation with existing or tailored designed laboratory tests. Validation results are published in peer reviewed journals. Visit our web page for further details.

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