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IHCantabria will be member of the Copernicus Academy Network


IHCantabria’s plan to develop its role as a Copernicus Academy Member will be based on the current education and training activities (Master Program, PhD Program and Capacity building). The goal of the plan is to develop lectures, training sessions, traineeships as well as educational and training material to empower the next generation of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs with suitable skill sets to use Copernicus data and information services to their full potential.

The European Commission has launched two Networks, the Copernicus Relays and the Copernicus Academy, to contribute on spreading awareness and knowledge about Copernicus across and outside the EU.

The Copernicus Academy Members will support the Commission in bridging the gap between skills and data use, and enable the uptake of Copernicus data in new sectors. Their aim is to foster the development of interdisciplinary masters and educational classes, skills boosting programmes for vocational training, industry-university traineeships and the creation of spin-offs.


The Copernicus data services are currently a high-quality source of information, providing innumerable opportunities for current and future studies and projects.

In the following lines are listed some of the IHCantabria software developments that make use of the Copernicus data services:

  • ATHENEA: Integral marine hydrocarbon spill prevention and Management System

  • SAILING: 2017 World Cup Series Final & 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships

TRL+: Expert Management System to test marine energy technology in deepwaters.

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SODIN: Flood Damage Operational System

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IHCantabria has a significant role as contributor of education and outreach of scientific based methodologies specialized in water-related issues, climate change adaptation and environmental Management. Concerning the Copernicus Academy “knowledge areas to boost”, IHCantabria staff has a substantial professional background in:

Cartography and Visualization

Data Management

Geospatial Data

Data Modelling